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The planning response to climate change: advice on better practice

Possible climate change impacts ->Potential impact on built environment -> Planning responseDrier summers with lower soil moisture and wetter winters -> Subsidence -> Spatial policies - avoiding areas at riskMore extremely hot days and fewer very cold days -> Reduced heating demands, increased cooling demands -> Policies on locationWarmer drier summers -> Greater requirement for outdoor environments -> Design adviceMore extreme weather events -> Damage to building fabric -> Policies on sustainable design/passive solar design backed up by design adviceMore frequent droughts -> Water shortages -> Policies on sustainable design and design of open/green spaces backed up by design advice. teChangeAdviceonBetterPracticePDF1234Kb_id1144498.pdf

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, 2004: The planning response to climate change: advice on better practice. CAG Consultants and Oxford Brookes University. Department for Communities and Local Government,

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