Suffolk estuarine strategies: Alde and Ore estuary strategy

There are several areas in Suffolk that are becoming increasingly susceptible to flooding. The Agency has commissioned the development of long-term strategies to manage the flood defences for three of the Suffolk Estuaries: the Blyth, the Alde and Ore and the Deben. This project is known as the 'Suffolk Estuarine Strategies'. These flood management strategies are being developed on a river-by-river basis starting with the Blyth, followed by the Alde and Ore, then the Deben estuary. With sea levels expected to rise over the next 100 years, and with areas of land behind the current defences several metres lower than the normal high water in the estuary, steps must be taken to ensure that the response to changes in the risk of flooding is appropriate. Options_Factsheet.pdf

Suffolk Esturine Strategies,


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