Procedures followed in this Assessment by the authors reviewers and participating governments

In total, the Working Group II Fourth Assessment involved 48 Coordinating Lead Authors (CLAs), 125 Lead Authors (LAs), and 45 Review Editors (REs), drawn from 70 countries. In addition, there were 183 Contributing Authors and 910 Expert Reviewers.

Each chapter in the Working Group II Fourth Assessment had a writing team of two to four CLAs and six to nine LAs. Led by the CLAs, it was the responsibility of this writing team to produce the drafts and finished version of the chapter. Where necessary, they could recruit Contributing Authors to assist in their task. Three drafts of each chapter were written prior to the production of the final version. Drafts were reviewed in two separate lines of review, by experts and by governments. It was the role of the REs (two to three per chapter) to ensure that the review comments were properly addressed by the authors.

The authors and REs were selected by the Working Group II Bureau from the lists of experts nominated by governments. Due regard was paid to the need to balance the writing team with proper representation from developing and developed countries, and Economies in Transition. In the review by experts, chapters were sent out to experts, including all those nominated by governments but not yet included in the assessment, together with scientists and researchers identified by the Working Group II Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs from their knowledge of the literature and the global research community.

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