McLean, Roger

University of New South Wales Australia

Mearns, Linda

National Center for Atmospheric Research USA

Medany, Mahmoud

The Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate Egypt

Menne, Bettina

WHO Regional Office for Europe/Germany

Menzel, Annette

Technical University of Munich


Midgley, Guy

National Botanical Institute

South Africa

Miller, Kathleen

National Center for Atmospheric Research USA

Mills, Scott University of Montana USA

Mills, Evan

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory USA

Mimura, Nobuo Ibaraki University Japan

Minns, Charles Kenneth Fisheries and Oceans Canada Canada

Mirza, Monirul Qader Environment Canada Canada/Bangladesh

Misselhorn, Alison University of the Witwatersrand South Africa

Morellato, Patricia Universidade Estadual Paulista Brazil

Moreno, Ana Rosa

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Mexico

Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Spain

Morton, John University of Greenwich UK

Mortsch, Linda Environment Canada Canada

Moser, Susanne

Union of Concerned Scientists

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