Box TS1 Sourcing in the Technical Summary

For example, source [3.3.2] refers to Chapter 3, Section 3, Sub-section 2. In the sourcing, F = Figure, T = Table, B = Box, ES = Executive Summary.

References to the Working Group I Fourth Assessment are shown as, for example, [WGI AR4 SPM] which refers to the Working Group I Fourth Assessment Summary for Policymakers, [WGI AR410.3.2] which refers to Chapter 10 Section 10.3.2, and [WGI AR4 Chapter 10] when the whole chapter is referred to. Where a source refers to both the WGI and WGII Fourth Assessments, these are separated by a semi-colon, for example [WGI AR4 10.2.1; 2.1.4]. References to Working Group III are treated in the same way.

Box TS.2. Communication of uncertainty in the Working Group II Fourth Assessment

A set of terms to describe uncertainties in current knowledge is common to all parts of the IPCC Fourth Assessment, based

on the Guidance Notes for Lead Authors of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report on Addressing Uncertainties4, produced by

the IPCC in July 2005.

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