Why Carbon Inventory

Carbon inventory involves estimation of stocks and fluxes of carbon from different land-use systems in a given area over a given period and under a given management system. Further, carbon inventory is often referred to as the process of making such estimations. Carbon in land area consists of biomass and the soil carbon pools. The biomass pool includes living above-ground and below-ground biomass, litter and deadwood. The two broad methods for carbon inventory are carbon 'Gain-Loss' and 'Stock-Difference' (IPCC 2006). Carbon inventory is expressed as tonnes of CO2 emission or removal per hectare or at a project or national level over 1 year. It can also be expressed as changes in carbon stocks in tonnes of carbon per hectare or at a project or national level over a period of time. Net carbon emission indicates loss of CO2 from biomass and soil to the atmosphere through decomposition or combustion. Net carbon removal or sequestration indicates net CO2 uptake and storage in biomass and soil.

Carbon inventory methods and guidelines are required for estimation of emissions or removal of CO2 from biomass and soil or changes in carbon stocks from a given land-use system at a project or national level, resulting from human interventions such as land-use change, extraction of biomass, burning of biomass, soil disturbance leading to oxidation of soil organic matter, afforestation, reforestation, forest conservation and other management activities. Carbon inventory is required for activities related to climate change in land-use sectors as well as other forest conservation and development projects such as roundwood production and forest conservation not directly aimed at climate change mitigation. The broad categories of programmes requiring carbon inventory are discussed in the following sections.

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