Stratification for Project Scenario

Carbon inventory during the project scenario requires estimation of stocks and changes in stocks annually or any other selected frequency of monitoring above-ground biomass. Carbon stocks may have to be estimated separately for the total area under each activity (e.g. short-rotation plantation or natural regeneration) and for the total project area consisting of multiple activities (e.g. area under short rotation and that under natural regeneration and so on). Therefore, each of the activities implemented needs to be sampled. Stratification in the project scenario may depend on the following factors:

• Preliminary status ofthe land Status of land at the beginning of the project, that is the baseline scenario:

° Pre-project land-use system, soil quality, extent of dependence on the land resource, tenurial status and current management system

• Project activity Short- or long-rotation plantation, natural regeneration, agrofor-estry and grassland management

• Species Monoculture, multispecies plantation and natural regeneration

• Management system Density of plantation, irrigation and fertilizer application

Stratification during the project scenario could be identical to that adopted for the baseline scenario or different from it to reflect the impacts of project activities implemented on the baseline strata.

(a) Disaggregation of baseline strata If a baseline stratum, for example, a land-use system, is subjected to multiple project activities in the project scenario, disag-gregation of that stratum may be necessary.

° For example, if part of the grassland stratum of baseline is under short-rotation species and the rest under natural regeneration activity, disaggregation of the baseline stratum may be required to represent the two project activities that have different implications for carbon inventory.

(b) Aggregation ofbaseline strata If multiple baseline strata are covered with a single project activity and if the soil or other parameters characterizing the strata are identical, the multiple strata could be aggregated.

° For example, if grassland and degraded forest land strata of the baseline scenario with identical initial characteristics (e.g. vegetation, soil quality or slope) are planted with a monoculture short-rotation plantation with similar density and management system, the two strata could be aggregated.

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