Selection of Land Use Category Or Project Activities Stratifcation of the Area and Demarcation of Project Boundary

Estimates of soil carbon are required at the beginning of the project, before implementing the project activities and periodically after the implementation of project activities during the monitoring phase. The procedure presented here is for a project or a set of project activities and could be adopted for land-use categories for GHG inventory also. The key steps involved are as follows:

(i) Selection of project area Identify and locate the project area on a map. The procedure for selection of project area is described in Chapters 8 and 10. This would involve all the land area that is likely to be subjected to project activities.

(ii) Stratification of project area Adopt the method described in Chapter 10 (Section 10.3) for stratification of project area based on physical, biological and management factors. It is better to adopt the same stratification procedure used for estimation of above-ground biomass, since soil organic carbon is estimated and added to biomass carbon pools, particularly the above-ground biomass pool.

(iii) Definition of project boundary The project boundary is defined and methods for demarcating it are described in Chapter 8. Adopt the same project boundary as that demarcated for above-ground biomass.

(iv) Preparation of maps Prepare maps depicting the project area, project activities, strata adopted and the project boundary. These maps are required during

° Project development phase for sampling prior to implementation of project activities.

° Project monitoring phase for locating sampling plots for periodic measurements.

The map prepared using a grid or a geo-referencing system will be necessary for locating the soil sampling points along with those for sampling the above-ground biomass during both the above phases.

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