Features PROCOMAP (project comprehensive mitigation analysis process) is a set of models developed by LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) aimed at estimating the quantity of carbon sequestration achieved for a given year or over a period of years as well as the financial implications and cost-effectiveness of forestry mitigation projects (Sathaye and Meyers 1995). These models use linear growth rates for biomass and soil carbon increments. A PROCOMAP model estimates the following under baseline and mitigation scenario

• Changes in C stock (biomass and soil) annually and cumulatively ° tC/ha and for the total area

• Cost-effectiveness indicators such as

° NPV (net present value) in $/tC sequestered or emission avoided

Data input for the model includes changes in area under forests and degraded lands under baseline scenario, area proposed for afforestation or reforestation under mitigation scenario, carbon densities of vegetation and soil, rates of carbon sequestration, costs and benefits.

Application A number of variants of PROCOMAP are available for assessing various types of forestry mitigation projects or options, such as

• Afforestation/reforestation: short rotation, long-rotation and natural regeneration

• Avoided deforestation

• Improved forest management

These models have been extensively used for assessing mitigation potential (Sathaye and Ravindranath 1998; Ravindranath and Sathaye 2002; Murthy et al. 2006; Ravindranath et al. 2007). These models may require some modification for use in CDM project methodologies and, although not used so far, can be modified for estimating production of industrial roundwood or in traditional forestry projects as well.

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