Long Term Monitoring of Soil Organic Carbon

Soil organic carbon accumulation or loss occurs over long periods, extending over decades. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor soil organic carbon stocks periodically. The frequency of monitoring is normally once in 3-5 years (Chapter 4). Adopt the permanent plots used for monitoring above-ground biomass for periodic sampling and monitor the soil organic carbon using the procedure described in Section 13.3.

13.4 Conclusions

Soil organic carbon is a key carbon pool for many land-use categories and project activities, the stock of which depends on the type and status of vegetation. Mineral soils dominate the land-use systems and only organic carbon is impacted by land-use changes and management systems. Thus the focus is on SOC and mineral soils. Multiple methods are available for estimating SOC, of which the wet digestion method is the most common whereas CHN analyser, although the most reliable, is expensive. This chapter presented field methods of soil sampling and laboratory methods of estimating organic carbon content. Soil carbon needs to be estimated for most land-use categories and project types, except where soil is not disturbed and only management practice is changed, for example, improved forest management, with forest land remaining forest land. Soil organic carbon is impacted by changes in land-use that disturb the topsoil, such as forest land or grassland converted to crop land but is stable otherwise. The aim of most carbon mitigation, roundwood production and land reclamation projects is to increase the carbon stocks in soil, which makes estimation of SOC a necessity for most projects. Soil organic carbon is also one of the key indicators of soil fertility and thus of interest to most mangers of land-based projects. The methods described in this chapter could be adopted for estimating carbon stocks for national greenhouse gas inventories.

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