Linkages Between Mitigation and Adaptation

Ecological systems such as forests are intrinsically dynamic and are constantly influenced by changes in climate. The IPCC concluded that species composition and dominance could be altered, resulting in ecosystem changes, and populations of many species are at a greater risk due to climate change (IPCC 2001b, 2007b). Forests, grassland and other natural ecosystems are already subjected to socioeconomic pressures leading to fragmentation, land conversion and over extraction, all contributing to degradation of ecosystems, biodiversity and carbon sink. Although there are uncertainties about the projected impacts of climate change on forests and other natural ecosystems, evidence that climate change coupled with socio-economic and land-use pressures is likely to adversely impact forests, carbon sinks, biomass productivity and carbon uptake rates continues to mount (Ravindranath and Sathaye 2002; IPCC 2007b). Thus, climate change is likely to impact carbon stocks as well as the mitigation potential in forests, plantations, grasslands and agroforestry systems. This factor may have to be considered in making projections of carbon stocks under mitigation projects in the land-use sectors.

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