Laboratory Analysis of Soil Samples

The soil samples collected have to be analysed for organic matter or carbon content in the laboratory. The bulk density of the soil also has to be determined to convert SOC content to tonnes of carbon per hectare for a given depth. Estimating SOC involves the following steps:

Step 1: Select the land-use system or project activity and the strata

Step 2: Obtain soil samples from the field along with the following information

° Location, land-use system, project activity, date of sampling ° Plot or quadrat number, replication number ° Depth of soil sample

Step 3: Select the method for estimating organic matter Step 4: Prepare the soil samples for chemical analysis

Step 5: Follow appropriate laboratory procedure for determining the organic matter content

Step 6: Calculate the soil organic matter content using the laboratory results.

Selection of the method for estimating organic matter Various methods for estimating soil organic matter content are described in Section 13.2. The most commonly used and one with which most students and researchers are familiar is the titrimetric method, which is commonly known as Walkley and Black method or the wet digestion method.

Wet digestion method The principle and laboratory procedure is described in Section 13.2. Adopt the laboratory procedure and record the results using the following format.

Sample Weight of Volume of Volume of Volume of 1 N % of organic % of organic number soil (W) 0.5 N FAS 0.5 N FAS K2Cr2O7 used C in soil C in soil solution used solution used for oxidation = (uncorrected) (corrected)

for blank for sample 0.5 x (B-S) ml titration titration

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