Forest Sector

The broad mitigation options in forest sector include (IPCC 2007c):

• Maintaining or increasing forest area

• Maintaining or increasing carbon density at the site level

• Maintaining or increasing carbon density at the landscape level

• Increasing off-site carbon stocks in wood products and enhancing product and fuel substitution

According to the latest assessment by IPCC, the economic mitigation potential is in the range of 1.6-5 GtCO2 annually during the period up to 2030 at less than US$20 per tCO2; however, at mitigation costs of less than US$100 per tCO2, the potential rises to 2.7-13.8 (IPCC 2007c). It is important to note the wide range in the estimates, reflecting the high uncertainty. Among the mitigation options in the forest sector, avoided deforestation offers maximum potential.

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