Estimating Tree Biomass Using the Harvest Method

The harvest method was described in Chapter 10 and involves the following steps:

• Selecting sample plots for each stratum (see Section 10.3 for stratum definition) representing a land-use category or project activity

• Harvesting of all the trees in each of the sample plots

• Measuring the fresh weight of the commercial stem, twigs and branches separately for all the harvested trees in the sample plots

• Calculating the dry weight of commercial stem and twigs and branches per plot

• Aggregating the weight of dry tree components from all the sample plots

• Extrapolating tree biomass (stems, twigs and branches) from plot values to tonnes per hectare separately and as total

The calculation procedure is simple, involving, as presented in steps above, extrapolation of the dry weights of all the trees harvested and weighed from sample plots to per hectare and expressed in dry matter terms.

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