Determination of the Frequency of Measurement

Soil carbon stocks in undisturbed soil are fairly stable; however, land-use change or any disturbance to topsoil leads to loss of carbon stocks. Conversion of grasslands and forests to other uses involving soil disturbance leads to loss of SOC. Besides land-use change, management practices can have a significant impact on stocks of SOC, particularly in cropping systems and grasslands. The frequency of measuring soil carbon stocks varies with land-use system, project activity and management system, as given in Chapter 4. The frequency has implications for selection of the method for preparing a carbon inventory method and for costs and can vary from once a year for activities involving land-use change to once in 5 years in majority of the projects. Using guidance from Chapter 4 and taking into account the local soil conditions, select a frequency for measurement or monitoring.

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Project Management Made Easy

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