Description of Models Data Needs and Procedure 1521 Steps in Applying Biomass Equations

Methods for and steps in developing biomass equations are described in Chapter 17. Further, the application of biomass equations was also described in Chapter 9. A summary of the steps is provided here:

Step 1: Select the biomass equation relevant to the region, forest type, plantation species and age of the stand

Biomass (tropical wet forests) = 21.297 - 6.953 x DBH + 0.740 x DBH2

(Brown 1997)

Teak volume in m3 V = - 0.001384 + 0.363126 DBH2 H (FSI 1996)

Step 2: Tabulate and enter the tree number, DBH and height (H) data into a computer data analysis package such as Excel for each sample plot Step 3: Enter the biomass equation in the data file or worksheet for estimating the weight of the individual tree (kg/tree) for a given DBH Step 4: Estimate and add the weight of each tree derived using the DBH values from the sample plot selected Step 5: Add up the values of total weight of the trees in each of the sample plot to obtain the total weight of all the trees in the sample plots selected for the land category, subcategory and stratum (such as a high-density irrigated eucalyptus plantation)

Step 6: Extrapolate the biomass of trees from the sampled area to per hectare (t/ha) Step 7: If the biomass equation estimates volume (in m3), convert the volume into biomass by multiplying the volume by the wood density of the dominant tree species in the plantation or forest.

The steps to be adopted for different pools are identical to the above steps described for estimating above-ground biomass using DBH values.

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