Data Needs for a Carbon Inventory

• Data needs for a carbon inventory first include activity data on area under different project activities, land-use categories and subcategories at the national level. Secondly, estimates of stock and rates of change in stocks are also needed for different carbon pools. The key carbon inventory parameters required, related to the stocks and rates of change of different carbon pools and a few factors or constants.

• Growth rates of biomass and soil carbon pools.

• Factors such as density of wood, bulk density of soil and biomass conversion and expansion factor.

• Allometric equations for estimating the volume or biomass for above-ground and below-ground biomass.

• Grass production.

Examples of types of projects and programmes requiring default values are as follows:

• Forestry mitigation projects afforestation, reforestation, avoided deforestation, bioenergy plantations and agroforestry

° Above-ground and below-ground biomass, deadwood and litter and soil organic carbon: stock and growth rates and allometric equations ° Grassland management projects soil organic carbon and below-ground biomass

• Timber or roundwood production projects above-ground commercial timber volume or total above-ground tree volume

• Bioenergy plantation (not linked to mitigation) above-ground biomass production

• Greenhouse gas inventory above-ground and below-ground biomass, deadwood and litter and soil organic carbon: stock and growth rates, and allometric equations

° Forest land, grassland, cropland, settlement land-use categories ° Land remaining in the same category and land converted to another category

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