The term "carbon inventory" became popular largely under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, where carbon stock changes or CO2 emissions and removals are estimated for land-use sectors as part of the national GHG emissions inventory process. Under the Convention, carbon inventory is also required for estimating the national and global carbon mitigation potential of land-use sectors and the mitigation achieved under land-based programmes or projects. Carbon inventory is required for programmes and projects in all land-use categories, namely forest land, grassland, cropland and settlements (see, e.g. Tables 3.1-3.3) for addressing climate change as well as for non-climate change-related programmes including the following:

• National greenhouse gas inventory programme

• Carbon mitigation programmes and projects

• Roundwood production programmes and projects

• Land reclamation programmes such as agroforestry, zero tillage, shelterbelt and watershed

Carbon inventory, in all land-use categories and under all programmes and projects, involves estimation of changes in carbon stocks in biomass and in soil and of CO2 emissions and removals, and this book provides detailed methods and guidelines for doing so.

Chapter 4

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