Carbon Inventory for Projects Under the Global Environment Facility

Global Environment Facility (GEF) is one of the global mechanisms aimed at promoting environmentally sustainable technologies, policies, measures and institutional capacity for addressing the goals of the Climate Convention as well as the Convention on Biological Diversity and other global environmental concerns. The GEF has been adopted by the UNFCCC as a financing mechanism aimed at addressing climate change. The facility operates on the principle of providing incremental cost to activities under approved Operational Programmes (OPs) for providing global environmental benefits and has 15 such programmes, of which OP 12 and OP 15 require carbon inventory from land-use projects.

OP 12 "Integrated Ecosystem Management" is a multifocal area programme. The projects under OP 12 aim at multiple benefits including enhancing the storage of carbon stock in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and conservation of biodiversity.

OP 15 "Sustainable Land Management" aims at multiple objectives such as prevention of land degradation and global environmental benefits including reduction of CO2 emissions, increased carbon sequestration and conservation of biodiversity.

One of the key global environmental objectives of OP 12 and OP 15 is to reduce CO2 emissions and enhance carbon stocks. Carbon inventory is required to estimate the impact of GEF project activities on carbon stocks in the land area covered under the project. This requires estimation of carbon stocks in biomass and soil in the baseline (or without project) and project scenarios and finally the incremental carbon stock gain due to the project activities. The methods and guideline provided in this handbook could be adopted for Operational Programmes under the GEF.

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