Carbon Inventory for Forest Grassland and Agroforestry Development Projects

A large number of countries are implementing forest and grassland conservation, roundwood production and agroforestry development programmes and projects such as

• Forest and biodiversity conservation

• Community forestry and industrial roundwood plantations

• Agroforestry, urban forestry and shelter belts

• Grassland reclamation or development

Carbon inventory, which includes estimation of stocks or rates of change in round-wood biomass and soil carbon, is normally required for any afforestation, reforestation, forest conservation and land reclamation programmes or projects. These projects are planned and implemented for non-climate-related objectives at the national and local level and aim at conserving forests and biodiversity, enhancing biomass supply for households and industries, increasing agricultural productivity, improving the management of grasslands and reclaiming land through soil and moisture conservation and halting desertification. Carbon inventory is required to estimate the biomass or roundwood (fuelwood or commercial roundwood) or grass production, and increase in soil organic matter. Further, carbon inventory can be used to assess the impact of a land development project on employment, income and livelihoods through enhanced biomass production and supply from projects on forest, grassland and cropland systems. The biomass stock or production and soil organic matter status estimation and monitoring requires carbon inventory methods throughout the life of a project: at the project formulation stage, during the project and at the end.

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