Carbon Inventory for Clean Development Mechanism Projects

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of the project-based mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol to address climate change. The mechanism aims at reducing GHG emissions or enhancing carbon sinks in developing countries and in turn assists Annex I Parties or industrialized countries in meeting their greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments, promoting sustainable development in developing countries at the same time. Afforestation and reforestation are the two project activities permitted under CDM, and these projects aim at increasing the carbon stocks in the project area additional to the carbon stock changes that would have occurred under the baseline (without project) scenario. Such projects are required under the CDM to make estimations and projections of carbon stocks at the project development phase itself, using a methodology approved by the CDM Executive Board. Further, the project proposal should describe the methods to be adopted for monitoring the carbon stock changes as well as actual periodic monitoring and verification of the carbon stocks.

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Project Management Made Easy

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