Carbon Gain LossMethod

The carbon "Gain-Loss" method involves estimation of gains in carbon stock of the pools due to growth and transfer of carbon from one pool to another pool, e.g. transfer of carbon from the live-biomass carbon pool to the dead organic matter pool due to harvest or disturbance. The method also involves deducting losses in carbon stocks due to harvest, decay, burning and transfer from one pool to another as described in the following equation

Annual carbon stock change in a given pool as a function of gains and losses ("Gain-Loss" method) is given by:

AC is annual carbon stock change in the pool, ACG is the annual gain of carbon, and ACL is the annual loss of carbon.

The "Gain-Loss" method requires estimation of gain in the stock of each relevant carbon pool during the year or over a period under consideration in a given area. Similarly, losses in the stock of each pool need to be separately estimated and aggregated for a given area over a given period. The difference between carbon gain and loss will give an estimate of net carbon emission or removals.

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