Calculation of Biomass Stocks and Changes for Roundwood Production Projects

Roundwood production projects require monitoring and estimation of biomass stocks at different periods and particularly at the end of the rotation. The carbon stocks could be calculated using the "Stock-Difference" method, as follows:


RWp = total roundwood production (above-ground biomass in tonnes) RWAGB^ = roundwood stock at year t2 (above-ground biomass in tonnes) RWAGB^ = roundwood stock at year t1 (above-ground biomass in tonnes) Commercial industrialwood plantations require estimates only of above-ground biomass pool, and those too are limited to only merchantable tree trunk (excluding tree twigs and branches) - deadwood and litter pools are not required.

Fuelwood and community forestry plantations require estimates of above-ground biomass pool including tree trunks, twigs and branches; deadwood and woody litter could also be included if necessary since these pools also supply traditional fuelwood.

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