Below Ground Biomass

Below-ground biomass is unlikely to be measured for majority of the forest and tree plantation projects because of the complexity of the methods and high cost (see Chapter 11) - it is more usual to calculate the quantity of below-ground biomass by taking it as a proportion or function of the above-ground biomass pool. When the quantity can be measured, say for afforestation projects, the frequency could be once in five years. Forest management activities are unlikely to impact below-ground biomass, since root biomass is not disturbed and no fresh planting undertaken. With grassland and land reclamation projects, root biomass is likely to be part of the annual carbon cycle. Thus, in all projects involving tree planting, below-ground biomass could be estimated as a proportion of above-ground biomass, using data on root/shoot ratios or a biomass equation, and the frequency of estimation will be the same as that of the above-ground biomass.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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