Baseline Estimation Through Use of Models

Carbon stock estimation and projection could be made using models as described in Section 7.1.3. Adoption of models such as PRO-COMAP or CO2-FIX also requires data on carbon stocks and rates of changes. Input data for the models could be obtained from default data sources or from field measurements. The models help in projecting carbon stocks for a given period. The steps involved include the following:

Step 1: Select the land strata.

Step 2: Select a model suitable for the project activities.

Step 3: Identify the input parameters required for making projections, e.g. baseline biomass and soil carbon stock and rate of change under the baseline conditions, and area of the stratum. Step 4: Generate the input parameters by adopting the default value approach as well as cross-sectional field studies. Refer to the relevant earlier sections in this chapter for the approach and steps to be adopted for generating input parameters through default and cross-sectional approaches. Step 5: Input the parameters into the model and generate future carbon stocks or incremental gain or loss for a given project activity and area.

7.3 Carbon Inventory Under Project Scenario

The project scenario involves planning, implementation and monitoring of a set of project activities aimed at achieving the project goals of gaining carbon stocks (mitigation projects), roundwood production or soil quality improvement. All these projects require carbon inventory, either directly (for carbon mitigation projects) or indirectly (for other land-based conservation and development projects). This section presents the broad approaches to carbon inventory for both carbon mitigation and other land-based projects for the project scenario for:

• Project development phase

• Project monitoring phase (post-implementation phase)

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