Baseline Carbon Stock Estimation at Different Phases of Project Cycle

Estimation of carbon stocks and changes under the baseline scenario in the absence of project activities is necessary to evaluate carbon gains resulting from implementation of the project activities. Since the baseline is a projection of carbon stocks in the project area in the absence of project activities, stocks of different carbon pools may increase, decrease or remain stable under a given land-use system and management practice if no project is implemented.

Estimation of carbon stocks and changes in the stocks for the baseline scenario in such carbon mitigation projects as afforestation and reforestation under CDM is determined by the approaches and methods prescribed by its Executive Board ( Land-based conservation and development projects not aimed directly at carbon mitigation also estimate carbon stocks and changes in the absence of project activities. In the following sections, broad approaches and steps for estimating carbon stocks and changes are presented for land-use projects aimed at carbon mitigation as well as for other kinds of projects. The approaches to and steps in estimating and monitoring carbon stock changes under the baseline scenario vary with:

• Project development phase

• Post-project implementation or monitoring phase

In the project development phase, approaches to estimating baseline carbon stocks could be based largely on literature or default values and, in a few cases, on cross-sectional studies. However, during the project monitoring phase, the estimation approaches are largely based on field and laboratory studies.

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