Approach Based on Modelling

Models can be used at various phases of the project cycle to make projections of future carbon stock changes. Models are particularly useful during the project development phase, when estimates of future carbon stocks resulting from project activities are required at the project design or proposal stages. Models such as PRO-COMAP, the project-based comprehensive mitigation assessment process (Sathaye and Meyers 1995), CENTURY (CENTURY 1992) and CO2-FIX (Schelhass et al. 2004) can be used to make projections of future carbon stocks for a given carbon pool based on the base year carbon stocks and estimated rates of change for a given land use or vegetation type (refer to Chapter 15 for details of these and other models). Some models such as CENTURY and CO2-FIX are process-based models, requiring additional data on various ecological, physiological, soil and water parameters. The reliability of the projections depends on the quality of input data as well as the capacity of the model to simulate carbon dynamics. Baseline scenario The PRO-COMAP model calculates future baseline carbon stock changes of different pools based on the base year carbon stock and the rate of change defined for each of the carbon pools, particularly above-ground biomass and soil carbon.

Project scenario PRO-COMAP, CO2-FIX and CENTURY models could be used for projecting carbon stock changes under the project scenario involving implementation of project activities aimed at enhancing the carbon stocks or avoiding CO2 emissions.

Models require estimates of stocks and rates of change in the stocks of different carbon pools for making projections. These values can be obtained from default value data sources or values measured as part of field studies.

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