This handbook is a result of my long-term collaboration with a large number of authors of several reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and I cannot risk taking any names, since there are so many of them and I am sure to miss a few. In addition, my work in many developing countries on greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory estimation and carbon mitigation potential assessment in land-use sectors has given me greater insights into the need for a handbook. I am grateful to many of them: the number of such countries is again very large. My effort in preparing a guideline for UNDP-GEF on a manual for carbon inventory also gave me the idea to develop a handbook, for which I am grateful to Richard Hosier and Bo Lim. Further, I and Bo Lim had realized the need for a Handbook during our work for IPCC Report on Land-Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (R).

This book would not have been possible without the dedicated support of many of our colleagues: first, Indu Murthy, who worked so devotedly at various stages of the preparation of this handbook; second, Niranjan Joshi, who gave incisive comments on the draft of this handbook; third, Yateendra Joshi, who was a friendly and efficient copy editor; and, finally, K.S. Murali, R. Chaturvedi, Matilda Palm, Eskil Mattsson, Elisabeth Simelton, Jonas Ardö, G. Chaya, R. Tiwari and G.V. Suresh, who gave comments and assisted us in the preparation of the handbook (R & O).

We also acknowledge the support provided by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India; the Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, Linköping University, Department of Earth Sciences, Göteborg University, Sweden and Swedish Energy Agency.

I thank Shailaja for her continued support in the preparation of all my books, which, over the years, has involved long absences from home and negligence of many things that matter in life. I am sure she will continue to support my pursuit of writing more books that are taking shape in my mind (R). I thank Ola, Vilgot and Lisen and the rest of the big family for encouragement and help while working on this book (O).

We acknowledge the support provided by UNDP, in purchasing copies of the handbook, which will go a long way in promoting the use of this handbook in different parts of the world for preparing GHG inventories and developing land-based mitigation projects. Thanks to UNDP, this handbook will be used in training and capacity-building programmes on GHG inventory in land-use sectors. We thank, in particular, Bo Lim, who encouraged and supported work in many developing countries on GHG inventories and carbon mitigation potential assessment in land-use sectors.

N.H. Ravindranath (R) Madelene Ostwald (O)

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