Soil Properties

Soil properties are different among experimental sites (Table 3.3), with soil texture the most distinct. In top layers, soil texture was sandy loam for TO with a low content of clay (7-8%), while it was silty clay loam in the other two experimental sites with a clay content of 30-33% at NAP and of 31-40% at BAS.

SOM was larger in TO (1.7-1.8%) than in both NA (1.2%) and BAS (1.1-1.2%). Total N was greater and exchangeable K2O smaller in TO than for the other two sites. Soil classification (USDA soil taxonomy) was (1) Typic ustifluvent in TO, (2) Vertic Haploxeralf in NA, (3) Pachic Haploxeroll in BA.

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