Field Research Activity Within the Mescosagr Project 321 Site Description

The agronomic effects of different soil treatments aimed at promoting soil C sequestration were tested in different Italian pedo-climatic conditions, all belonging to mesothermal climates (hot temperate climates suitable for a good agriculture), according to the Strahler and Strahler classification (1984).

Field experiments were set in three different sites: Site 1 - located in the Po River Valley, in northern Italy (type F climate: hot temperate climate without dry season, hereafter "Temperate"); Sites 2 and 3 - located in the coastal plains of southern Italy (type S climate: hot temperate climate with dry summer, hereafter "Mediterranean"). Site locations are the following:

1. Torino (Tetto Frati experimental station, University of Torino, 44°53'N, 7°41'E, 232 m a.s.l), here identified as TO.

2. Napoli (Torre Lama experimental station, University of Napoli, 40° 37'N, 14°58'E, 30 m a.s.l.), here identified as NA.

3. Battipaglia (Experimental station, University of Basilicata, 40°35'N', 14°59'E, 65 m a.s.l.), here identified as BA.

The experimental sites were chosen as examples of typical conditions of agriculture in southern Europe that is often poorly represented in scientific literature. Torino (TO) and Napoli (NA), with different climates and soils, were selected to evaluate the same treatments in different pedo-climatic conditions. Battipaglia (BA), similar to NA as for pedo-climatic conditions, was added to evaluate the same treatments on a different crop. Field trials were conducted for 3 years, i.e., from 2006 to 2008 in TO and NA, and from 2007 to 2009 in BA.

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