Field Plots and Crop Yields Under Innovative Methods of Carbon Sequestration in Soil

Carlo Grignani, Francesco Alluvione, Chiara Bertora, Laura Zavattaro, Massimo Fagnano, Nunzio Fiorentino, Fabrizio Quaglietta Chiarandä, Mariana Amato, Francesco Lupo, and Rocco Bochicchio

Abstract This chapter reviews the issues related to the responses of crops and soil fertility to management strategies aimed to conserve soil carbon, especially for Mediterranean-Temperate conditions. It reports the main results from field experiments conducted in three different Italian sites in order to compare traditional and innovative soil treatments for carbon sequestration. Field agronomic treatments included traditional and minimum tillage, green manuring, two rates of mature compost application, and spreading of water-soluble Fe-porphyrin. Their effects were tested in different sites representing distinct pedo-climatic conditions.

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