1 The Nature of Soil Organic Matter and Innovative

Soil Managements to Fight Global Changes and Maintain Agricultural Productivity 1

Alessandro Piccolo

2 The Kyoto Protocol and European and Italian Regulations in Agriculture 21

Davide Savy, Antonio Nebbioso, Rocío Dánica Cóndor, and Marina Vitullo

3 Field Plots and Crop Yields Under Innovative Methods of Carbon Sequestration in Soil 39

Carlo Grignani, Francesco Alluvione, Chiara Bertora, Laura Zavattaro, Massimo Fagnano, Nunzio Fiorentino, Fabrizio Quaglietta Chiaranda, Mariana Amato, Francesco Lupo, and Rocco Bochicchio

4 Carbon Sequestration in Soils by Hydrophobic Protection and In Situ Catalyzed Photo-Polymerization of Soil Organic Matter (SOM): Chemical and Physical-Chemical Aspects of SOM in Field Plots 61

Riccardo Spaccini and Alessandro Piccolo

5 The Stable Isotopes Approach to Study C and N Sequestration Processes in a Plant-Soil System 107

Giuseppe Celano, Francesco Alluvione, Mostafa Abdel Aziz Ali Mohamed, and Riccardo Spaccini

6 Impact of Innovative Agricultural Practices of Carbon Sequestration on Soil Microbial Community 145

Valeria Ventorino, Anna De Marco, Olimpia Pepe, Amalia Virzo De Santo, and Giancarlo Moschetti

7 Effects of Methods of Carbon Sequestration in Soil on Biochemical Indicators of Soil Quality 179

Edoardo Puglisi and Marco Trevisan

8 Biological and Biotechnological Evaluation of Carbon Dynamics in Field Experiments 209

Carmine Crecchio, Silvia Pascazio, and Pacifico Ruggiero

9 Measurements of CO2 and N2O Emissions in the Agricultural

Field Experiments of the MESCOSAGR Project 229

Angelo Fierro and Annachiara Forte

10 Effects of Carbon Sequestration Methods on Soil Respiration and Root Systems in Microcosm Experiments and In Vitro Studies ____ 261

Antonio Gelsomino, Maria Rosaria Panuccio, Agostino Sorgona, Maria Rosa Abenavoli, and Maurizio Badiani

11 New Modeling Approach to Describe and Predict Carbon Sequestration Dynamics in Agricultural Soils 291

Stefano Mazzoleni, Giuliano Bonanomi, Francesco Giannino, Guido Incerti, Daniela Piermatteo, Riccardo Spaccini, and Alessandro Piccolo

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