Temperate Broadleaved Deciduous Forest

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Figure 15.2. Seasonal variation in net CO2 exchange of a temperate deciduous forest. Also shown are the environmental and biological factors that affect the seasonal dynamics of CO2 exchange. Vcmax represents photosynthetic capacity, LAI is leaf area index, and T is temperature. Data sources: Wofsy et al. (1993); Greco and Baldocchi (1996); Valentini et al. (1996); Goulden et al. (1996); Baldocchi et al. (2000); Granier et al. (2000, 2002); Schmid et al. (2000); Pilegaard et al. (2001); Saigusa et al. (2002). Data are from the Fluxnet database (http://www-eosdis.ornl.gov/FLUXNET/) and were gap filled and smoothed.

absence of snow, and, in wetlands, the height of the water tableā€”on ecosystem carbon exchange. Data are presented as net ecosystem carbon exchange (NEE), which is the same quantity as, but opposite in sign from, NEP. NEE is calculated from an atmospheric perspective; it is negative when the atmosphere is losing carbon and the ecosystem is gaining carbon.

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