The Carbon Cycle of the Land

14. A Primer on the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle:

What We Don't Know But Should 279

Jonathan A. Foley and Navin Ramankutty

15. Geographic and Temporal Variation of Carbon Exchange by Ecosystems and Their Sensitivity to Environmental Perturbations 295

Dennis Baldocchi and Riccardo Valentini

16. Current Consequences of Past Actions:

How to Separate Direct from Indirect 317

Gert-Jan Nabuurs

Part V: The Carbon Cycle of Land-Ocean Margins

17. Pathways of Atmospheric CO2

through Fluvial Systems 329

Jeffrey E. Richey

18. Exchanges of Carbon in the Coastal Seas 341

Chen-Tung Arthur Chen

Part VI: Humans and the Carbon Cycle

19. Pathways of Regional Development and the Carbon Cycle 355

Patricia Romero Lankao

20. Social Change and CO2 Stabilization:

Moving away from Carbon Cultures 371

Louis Lebel

21. Carbon Transport through International Commerce 383

Jeff Tschirley and Geraud Servin

Part VII: Purposeful Carbon Management

22. Near- and Long-Term Climate Change

Mitigation Potential 405

Jayant A. Sathaye

23. Unanticipated Consequences: Thinking about Ancillary Benefits and Costs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation 419

Jae Edmonds

24. International Policy Framework on Climate Change:

Sinks in Recent International Agreements 431

Maria José Sanz, Ernst-Detlef Schulze,and Riccardo Valentini

25. A Multi-Gas Approach to Climate Policy 439

Alan S. Manne and Richard G. Richels

26. Storage of Carbon Dioxide by Greening the Oceans? 453

Dorothee C. E. Bakker

27. Direct Injection of CO2 in the Ocean 469

Peter G. Brewer

28. Engineered Biological Sinks on Land 479

Pete Smith

29. Abatement of Nitrous Oxide, Methane, and the Other Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases:

The Need for a Systems Approach 493

G. Philip Robertson

List of Contributors 507

SCOPE Series List 513

SCOPE Executive Committee 517

Index 519

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