Non Carbon Energy Supply

Scenarios that consider the future evolution of global energy systems not only have significant improvements in energy intensity as a characteristic, but also envision significant increases in the deployment of non-fossil energy supply.

Figure 4.3 shows the range of deployment in the SRES illustrative scenarios for non-carbon-emitting energy (i.e., solar, wind, nuclear, and biomass). The global energy system in 1990 produced 375 exajoules (EJ) of energy. In many of the SRES illustrative sce-

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-Global Human CO2 Emissions: 1850-1999


2000 2025 2050 2075 2100

1850 1875 1900 1925 1950

1975 Year

2000 2025 2050 2075 2100

Figure 4.4. Global carbon dioxide emissions in billion tons of carbon (PgC) per year since 1850 to present, plus emissions trajectories for the six SRES illustrative scenarios.

narios, the deployment of non-carbon-emitting energy supply systems exceeds the size of the global energy system in 1990. In some cases the scale of the commercial biomass energy sector alone rivals or dwarfs the scale of the present global energy system.

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