B1 Global Sustain ability B2 Local Stewardship

4 rap id change in economic structure!; ■Mdc materialization" •introduction of clean technologies ■emphasis is on global solutions

-emphasis is on local solutions •less rapid, and more diverse technological change •strong emphasis on community initiative -local rather than global solutions

Environmentally oriented

Figure 6.3. Characteristics of the main SRES marker scenario families (adapted from Smith and Powlson 2003)

alization versus regionalization and the other examining relative societal emphases on economic versus environmental considerations. Three variations of the A1 scenario (globalized, economically oriented) are considered here: A1FI (fossil fuels are used intensively), A1T (alternative technologies largely replace fossil fuels), and A1B (a balance between fossil fuels and alternative technologies). Further details are given in Edmonds et al. (Chapter 4, this volume); see also WBGU (2003). Key scenario parameters are given in Table 6.3a.

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