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Since 1992, the United Nations Environmental Panel-World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) has been developing a program of activities relating to the conservation of the Arctic environment. Much of this is designed to support the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy process, in particular theCAFF program.

UNEP-WCMC is widely recognized by the CAFF community as its main biodiversity data supplier. Its advice and contributions are acknowledged and, in connection with Grid Arendal, the service for CAFF and other programs and agreements will be strengthened.

A product that has been developed within WCMC is the Arctic Bird Library. This aims to provide comprehensive information on the distribution and conservation status of Arctic birds. The library focuses upon the 125 species of water birds, which breed in the Arctic region as defined by CAFF. Information includes fact sheets with links providing photos, sound recordings, and video clips. The web site has been developed to demonstrate species information on the web.

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