The History of Greenland

In Greenland, written records have been produced regularly and abundantly since the second European colonization of the island in 1721. Missionaries, government administrators, and later increasingly Greenlanders themselves authored such documents. In the 1960s, Finn Gad made extensive use of these sources for his three-volume History of Greenland (1970-1982). Since the 1970s, Hans Christian Gull0v has made explicit reference to ethnohistory as defined in North America in his studies of the Greenlandic past, combining oral and written sources, and archaeology.

Greenlanders themselves have started writing their own history (the first two volumes, edited by H.C. Petersen, appeared in 1987 and 1999), and students are currently being trained as historians at the University of Greenland in Nuuk. Such young scholars would have no reason to call the product of their studies ethnohistory rather than history, but they do learn to apply methods developed under this banner.

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