Recent Times

In 1927, Ilimpiysky, Baikitsky, and Tungus-Chunsky National Districts united to form the Evenk National District (later the Evenki Autonomous Okrug). In the 1930s, reindeer-breeding collectives were formed, settled villages were built, and agriculture was introduced. In the 1950s, integration of collective farms took place.

In 1928-1929, an alphabet on the basis of the Latin script, and since 1937 on the basis of the Russian script, was created. In 1931, the first book in the Evenki language was published. Since the 1930s, Evenk has been taught in schools. A national intelligentsia has formed, and today a policy of revival of Evenk culture and traditions is being conducted.

Although reindeer numbers have decreased, many modern Evenki still follow a traditional nomadic hunting and reindeer-breeding lifestyle. In 1990, Evenki began to come off the state-farm system and to organize tribal communities once more.

Maya Vasil'eva

See also Evenki Autonomous Okrug; Evens; Northern Altaic Languages; Tungus

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