Recent Change of the Arctic Freshwater Cycle

In terms of recent oceanographic observations, critical changes of the freshwater hydrologic cycle in the Arctic Ocean and on land may relate closely to the Arctic Oscillation. For instance, surface salinity decreased 2%o during 1987-1997 in the Beaufort Sea, and the cold halocline layer retreated in the Eurasian Basin during the 1990s. The shift of Siberian runoff to the east may be responsible for the freshening of the upper layers of the Beaufort Sea and the thinning of the cold halocline layer. In addition, the sea level rise in the Russian marginal seas is consistent with a more cyclonic ocean circulation, resulting in the increased amount of fresh water flowing out through Fram Strait. This could increase stratification in the Greenland Sea and contribute to the weakened deep convection observed there in recent years. The reduced thermohaline circulation may also impose a negative feedback by causing less northward heat flux of the Atlantic Ocean into the Nordic seas and thereby cooling northern Europe, with serious consequences for human society and terrestrial ecosystems on this planet.

Kyung-Hoon Shin

See also Arctic Ocean; Cold Halocline; Permafrost Hydrology; Salinity Anomalies; Sea Ice; Thermohaline Circulation

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