Population and Government

Alaska's population numbered 629,932 in the 2000 census, a 14.0% increase from 1990 (compared with a 13.1% increase nationwide). The population is young, with 30.4% under the age of 18 and only 5.7% over the age of 65. The US census gathers information on the population's race and ethnicity. In 2000, 67.6% was classified as white non-Hispanic, 4.1% as Hispanic, 3.5% as Black, 15.6% as Alaska Native (compared with 0.9% Native American nationwide), 4.0% as Asian, 0.5% as Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 1.6% as other, and 5.4% as of two or more races. Alaska is sparsely populated, with only 1.1 persons per sq mi (compared with 79.6 per sq mi nationwide). The population is unevenly distributed throughout the state, with the largest city, Anchorage, accounting for nearly half the state's population. Other population concentrations are in the Fairbanks region and in southeast Alaska.

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