Morphometry Bathymetry and Geomorphology

The Bering Sea is one of the world's largest seas. It extends 1683 km N-S and 2389 km W-E, and occupies an area of 2,344,300 km2. Its coastline is 13,340 km long. The Komandorsky-Aleutian island chain, 2260 km long, includes 150 islands with a total area of 37,840 km2. The sea's major bathymetric steps are (1) shallow (0-200 m) continental shelf (45.8% of the total area), (2) continental slope (200-3000 m, 17.4%), and (c) deep basins (>3000 m, 36.8%). The volumes of water between 0-200, 200-3000, and below 3000 m are, respectively, 8.3%, 78.9%, and 12.8% of the total volume or 315,000, 2,995,000, and 486,000 km3, respectively. The maximum depth of 4420 m is found in Kamchatka Strait. The continental slope of the eastern Bering Sea is cut by several huge canyons: Bering (54-55° N 166-170° W), Pribilof

(56° N 169° W), Zhemchug (58° N 175° W), Pervenets (59.5° N 178° W), and Navarin (60.5° N 179° W). With the vertical extent of 3 km, the Bering, Pribilof and Zhemchug Canyons are among the world's deepest, while the 400-km-long Bering Canyon is one of the world's longest canyons.

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