Longterm Variability

There were large changes in the thermohaline regime of the Arctic Ocean in the 1990s, including the Atlantic layer thickening (by more than 100 m at its lower

Inferred circulation of the Atlantic Layer and Upper Polar Deep Water in the Arctic Ocean. After Rudels et al., 1994

boundary) and warming (as much as 1°C) in the Nansen, Amundsen, and Makarov basins (Carmack et al., 1997). As a result, the temperature gradient between the Atlantic layer and surface layer, as well as the upward heat flux, has increased. These changes are consistent with the observed reduction in the sea ice cover and sea ice thickness in the Arctic Ocean (Rothrock et al., 1999).

Igor Belkin

See also Arctic Ocean; Cold Halocline; Oceanography; Thermohaline Circulation

Further Reading

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