The Enets (or in Russian, Entsy) are one of the northern indigenous peoples of Siberia of Samodian origin. They are considered as one of the most endangered among northern peoples of North Eurasia. The present population, according to different sources, is between 121 and 210. At present, Enets inhabit the banks of the Yenisey River at the boundary between forest-tundra and southern tundra in the Taymyr (Dolgan-Nenets) Autonomous Okrug.

The Enets language is a part of the North-Samodian group of the Ural-Yukagir family of languages. The self-designation of the Enets is Enneche ("man"). The term "Enets" became official in the 1930s. Before this, they were named the Yenisey, or Khantay Samoyeds (tundra Enets) and Karasino Samoyeds (forest Enets), according to the names of settlements where Enets paid their tribute (Khantayka and Karasino). Tundra and forest Enets had different dialects of their language. The majority of Enets today speak Nenets and Russian.

According to its morphological, syntactic, and lexic peculiarities, the Enets language is closely related to the Nenets language. The tundra dialect has some parallels with Nganasan, and the forest dialect has some traces of influence from the Ket language. Enets have no written language.

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