Dorset Culture

The Dorset Culture was first defined by Diamond Jenness in 1925 when he analyzed artifacts from Cape Dorset, southern Baffin Island. Since then, Dorset sites have been found in all parts of the eastern Arctic, from Victoria Island in the west to eastern Greenland, and from Peary Land in far northern Greenland to Newfoundland where the Dorset flourished in the most southern expanses occupied by Paleo-Eskimo peoples.

Chronologically, Dorset spans from approximately 2800 BP to 700 BP. Throughout this extensive period, there is considerable geographical and temporal variation in the material culture and settlement intensity of the different regions. Dorset Culture is divided into Early (2800-2200 BP), Middle (2200-1500 BP), and Late Dorset (1,500-700 BP) with some variation between different regions.

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