More than ten kinds of national Dolgan clothes are known, which had specific names, distinguished by small details. Before the Russian revolution, clothes were hand-made, sewn from purchased fabrics.

In winter and summer, Dolgans wore shirts made of cloth—sontap. In winter, they wore these beneath coats made from Arctic fox and hare fur. Instead of cloth shirts, men wore unfastened reindeer fur shirts reaching below the knee—dochi—with a muffler and a fur hood—sokui. In wet weather in summer, they wore hooded sokui made of cloth. In winter, women wore long fur coats made from sable or hare fur over the sontap. Men and women wore belts embroidered with glass beads, similar to the Evenki aprons worn by women and old men. Men and women's caps were shaped like a cape. The top was made from fox fur in winter and from cloth in summer. The cloth was embroidered with glass beads or was decorated with thin strips of colored fabric. The winter boots of reindeer fur were of two types—below and above the knee—and were often embroidered with glass beads. Summer boots were sewed from reindeer hide. The sole of summer boots had a hole for draining water during walking.

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