Alaska may be divided into six basic climate regions. The south coastal and southeast Alaska region and the Aleutian Islands have a wet and temperate climate, with rainfall between 1525 and 4065 mm (60-160 in) per year and temperatures between 4°C and 16°C (40-60°F) during summer and -7°C and 4°C (20-40°F) during winter. In south and southeast Alaska this climate supports temperate rainforest, whereas the Aleutian Islands are mainly grassland. The Bering Sea coast is slightly cooler, with temperatures between 4°C and 16°C (40-60°F) during summer and -23°C and -7°C (-10°F to 20°F) during winter. The southern part of this region is modified by the Pacific Ocean while the northern part shows an Arctic Ocean influence. The Interior Basin of Alaska, around the Anchorage area, has a relatively moderate climate similar to that of the south and southeast coast, only drier, with a normal rainfall in Anchorage of around 380 mm (15 in) per year. The Central Plains of Alaska experience a continental climate, with wide seasonal extremes of temperature, from 7°C to 24°C (45-75°F) in summer and -34°C to -23°C (-30°F to -10°F) in winter. Summer temperatures can often reach 32°C (90°F) in this region. Rainfall is similar to that of the Interior Basin. Alaska's remaining climates are those of mountain areas, where conditions vary greatly, and the North Slope on the Arctic Ocean, where summer temperatures can range from 2°C to 13°C (35-55°F) during summer and from -29°C to -21 °C (-20°F to -5°F) during winter. The North Slope receives only about 130 mm (5 in) of precipitation per year and most of it remains on the ground as snow for up to eight months.

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