Alootook Ipellie was born in a hunting camp on Baffin Island, in what is today Nunavut Territory in Canada's Arctic, on August 11, 1951 to Napachie (Napachee) and Joanassie (Joanasie). His early formal education in Iqaluit was followed by high school in Yellowknife and later Ottawa. Ipellie worked in radio at CBC North in 1973, but eventually settled in Ottawa where he worked as an English-Inuktitut translator, as a reporter-journalist, and drew cartoons for Inuit

Monthly (later renamed Inuit Today) magazine. He served as its editor from 1979 to 1982. In the 1970s, he produced his satirical ink cartoon strips "Ice Box" and "Nuna and Vut."

Michael P. J. Kennedy

See also Art and Artists (Indigenous); Literature, North American; Mythology of the Inuit; Sedna: The Sea Goddess

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