While the date is unknown, Button was born the fourth son of Miles Button of Worlton, Glamorganshire, and Margaret, daughter of Edward Lewis, of Van, Caerphilly, Glamorganshire. Button entered the navy c. 1588-1589, and served in the West Indies and Ireland, where his actions at the siege of Kinsale in 1601 won him a pension for life. Under the patronage of Sir Robert Mansel and Sir John Trevor, surveyor of the navy, he was selected to command the North West Company's 1612 expedition, after which he was appointed Admiral of the King's ships on the coast of Ireland, where he suppressed piracy. His success against rebels in the west of Scotland in 1615 earned him a knighthood the following year. He failed to resolve long-running disputes with the commissioners of the navy over costs of provisioning his squadron of ships and the nonpayment of his pension before Buckingham was assassinated in August 1628, and these issues remained unresolved at his death. Button married twice, and fathered at least seven children. He died "of a burning fever quickly" in April 1634.

Merrill Distad

See also Bylot, Robert

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