Davis was born c.1550 in Devonshire, at Sandridge, in the parish of Stoke Gabriel, near Dartmouth. However, little is known of his early life other than that he received a sound education and went to sea at an early age. Following his three Arctic voyages, his four years of naval service included command of the Desire from August 26, 1591 to June 11, 1593 on Thomas Cavendish's ill-fated attempt at a second circumnavigation. Davis was to have searched for the North West Passage on his own after Cavendish's ships passed through Magellan's Strait, but adverse winds blocked the strait and scattered the ships. Davis brought Desire home, albeit with great loss of life, and en route discovered the Falkland Islands. He served as master of Raleigh's ship on the Cadiz expedition, 1596-1997, and served on three voyages to the East Indies. Davis married Faith Fulford on September 29, 1582, with whom he had a daughter and four sons, three of whom—Arthur, Gilbert, and Philip—survived him. He was murdered by Japanese pirates at Bintang, Malaya, on December 27, 1605.

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